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Lehenga trend 2019

Wedding season is in full swing and surely every bride wants her bridal look to be on point. Whether you are looking to walk down the aisle yourself or looking to accompany your sister or your bestie you would to look your very best. As much as the right makeup and glamour of the outfits really do the job, but just a minor detail like the color of your outfit can be a Game changing point in your look. Picking the right color of outfit as per your skin tone can take your look a few notches up.

One must keep in mind the best compliment would be, “oh! you look so beautiful in this dress” instead of “Oh! The dress is looking so pretty”. From cocktail parties to the Mehendi or your special day, we have got you covered and the break down under will help you pick out the right outfit color.

Fair Skin type


Girls who have fair complexion are in luck as most shades suit this skin tone. Fair people have cool undertones which means cool colors work better if we were to pick out the best.

Orange Red

If red is your color and your a fair skinned this is red you need, with a bit of a neon tinch to it this outfit color has the immediate effect of brightening up ones face when worn. It happens to be the best shade of red that goes well with fairer skin tone. Perfect for night occasions.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pinks are known to add a very fresh and soothing effect to this type of skin color. This shade is apt to be worn during the daytime functions and sure to make you look LIT!

Sky Blue

It is interesting to see a lot of brides opting for blue at their wedding. Various higher-end designers are playing with such colors when it comes to wedding outfits and it’s easy to say it’s a fresh and a wonderful change again a great option for the day, but if you are looking to wear it for an evening function teaming up with smokey eyes or heavy eye makeup should do the job well.


Get going with this ethereal lehenga color which almost looks dreamy. This elegant color looks even great when paired up with mustard or pastel pink.

Normal/Medium skin tone


Girls with normal or medium skin tone have a wide range of color options to choose from. Mostly on wedding people like going for basic reds however one could ditch the old boring options & try their hand on these fresh set of Colors that work beautifully on Indian skin tone.

Royal blue

Royal Blue – Royal Blue is the color that goes well on any occasion. Be it a cocktail party, an engagement, family function to attend or even your wedding. Royal blue is as the name suggests has ounces of royalty in it and could give the medium skin brides the maharani feels.

Dusty pink

Dusty Pink is rather a new found/ fav shades amongst brides especially. It’s a safe color to wear if you are not the very adventures types and looks absolutely magical on this skin type.


Gold is no more restricted to embellishments. On following latest fashion trends, young girls, as well as women, love to flaunt golden color lehenga-choli on various occasions and no doubt it gives perfect look for normal skin tones. Adding a tinch of color on the dupatta is sure to add more Glam to the look.

Coral red

If you are the “I am sure wearing red” bride, and with medium colored skin tone, coral red should be your go to. Refrain from anything we touch of neon in it.

Dark or dusky skin tone

lehenga-color-according-dark-skin-toneThis type of skin tone is normally warmer hence warm shades of outfits are a better choice.

Deep Maroon

Surely royal and risk-free. Deep maroon or wine colored outfits are sure to give your skin tone an additional pop and should be your go-to color if you are not the over adventurous types.

Rose Gold

This color comes in various shades like rose gold, yellow or dull gold. It looks extremely elegant on your skin tone and offers you humongous rich look.

Teal Green

A lovely option for your mehendi. Real Green is a vibrant color and surely trending. So if you are looking to make a fashion statement this is a great color option for the dusky skin tones. that comes with so many vibrant shades and also works all year round.

Bright Red

Dusky the bride’s favorite color – Bright Red. From lipsticks to bridal outfits, it goes well on the people with this complexion types adding immediate radiance to your face.

Few other things to keep in mind while looking for bridal lehengas:

  • Avoid online purchasing, as the fit/ color etc can be misjudged.
  • It’s not about color as much as it’s about the shade of color. The different color shades make much difference than you think.
  • Focus not only on your lehenga color but also the blouse which also matters a lot. As it will reflect on your face so make sure you choose the right blouse color that may make or break your look.
  • Whenever you are in great confusion about what color to choose for the big occasion, ultimately go with some earthy colors like peach, olive or coral. These will always work best because they also get matched with every skin tone.
  • If you are going for dual dupattas and looking to add some contrast, make sure the one to be draped on the body is in contrast and not the veil.
  • The veil should preferably be very lightweight.

This article is contributed by Sohni Juneja – Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi. These lehenga colors are segregated according to skin tone that would help you look more magnificent in all the weddings in 2019. For further information visit our website www.sohnijuneja.com or follow us on Instagram or facebook.

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