3 New And Easy Summer Hairstyles For 2017

Summer is the time you wanna let loose clothes and let tighten some hair, here different ways to treat your hair this summer.

1. Easy messy high /side bun –

  • Put all your hair together in a high /side ponytail.
  • In the second time when you pull your hair out of the loop, pull hair partially only.
  • Now take a lot of bob and Jura pins and randomly start tucking hair onto your scalp.


2 . Braids – Not only are they totally in fashion but also work great to keep hair off your face during summer. Do a basic 3 strand braid and secure with a rubber band at the bottom. Now very neatly and slowly pull out the loops of each braids strand only to the extent they don’t come out completely. You can alternatively do a 4 or 5 str and braid with the same technique of a basic 3 strand braid.



3. Dual hair bun – This hair bun style sure steals a lot of show and compliments and looks quite complicated while being quite simple.

  • Divide your hair into two sections taking a mid parting
  • Take a horizontal ear to ear parting at the top of the crown area. Braid or twist the front into any style of your choice and secure the hair at the centre back of your head. You could also do a side partition in the front.
  • Take the left sections of the remaining hair and braid, follow the same separately on the right.
  • Now cross both the braids across each other and coil like a normal bun, this gives you a nice Victorian style hairdo and goes beautifully with summer dresses.