4 foods in your kitchen that you didn’t know can bring you that ultimate glow

1. Tamarind


It works beautifully to treat scars, and the uneven skin tone that we are bestowed every summer. Boil some tamarind and mix the pulp with 2 pinches of turmeric, few drops of lemon and honey. Apply the mix for 15 mins and Vollaa .. Hello fabulous skin !

2. Pineapple


As much as it is yum yum for the face, it’s yum yum for the skin! Squeeze out the juice and mix with a tea spoon of honey or coconut milk. We promise you will Thank us later.

3.  Mango


King of fruits, full of Vit. C and obviously does wonders to your skin. Pulp out half a mango and add some besan to it, leave it for 20 mins.

Caution – you might blind yourself with that glow on your face after.

4. Pumpkin

Pie Pumpkin

Now this one is packed with next level proteins and antioxidants. The ideal combination is to mix an egg white either with the pumpkin pulp or the pack, but if you aren’t an egg fan you could substitute it with milk and cinnamon .

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