5 Key Bridal Makeup Mistakes Revealed


Your wedding day is the one day when you don’t want to risk looking like a ghost. So how can you get your makeup just right on this day? Start by avoiding these 5 key mistakes mentioned below.

1. Wear Less Blush

If you ever see a celebrity or film star in person, they’re always wearing more makeup in compared to they look like they do in various magazines. A bit of extra blush can really go a long way to adding color to your face as well as providing that warm glow. So, wear more blush than you think as that’s the first thing to go, apart from lips.

2. Natural Lip Gloss

Many people love the natural look, but you can still go for a good color that’s a color deeper than your lip tone as it’s going to make the wedding pics so fantastic. Pick a shade darker than your lip tone, or you can line the lip as well as fill it in with a liner.

3. Little Coverage

“You want more of a dull finish for the oilier skins and for a drier skin, you want a radiant finish, depending on your skin type,” says Sohni Juneja, a popular Indian bridal makeup artist. The most vital component of photography is the finish to the skin. For instance, if your under eye circles are not hidden properly, the your eyes will get lost in the wedding pictures. Shine is the thing that a bride wants to see in her wedding pics. When your skin is shiny, then you lose the true features of your face.”

4. Not Having Products To Retouch

If you are going to hire a professional artist for you wedding, then you want to make sure that you have the same beauty products on hand to use throughout the wedding day. This is because it will control shine and will make sure that your skin tone looks the same throughout the night in wedding photos. The same applies with your lip color, ensure your lips are touched up with the same shade all day.

5. Eye Makeup Melt And Blot

People do not like a bride with raccoon eyes. So, go for budge-proof products, which are easily available these days.

These are the top 5 wedding makeup mistakes, if you know any other mistakes that brides do, please let us know simply by commenting on the box below.

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