Uses of Fine Shimmer Powder (not glitter)

Yes, Ladies! Shimmer Powder is a power packed single product that can take your look notches higher with so many different yet easy uses.

Hence we are happy to share some amazing features/uses of Fine Shimmer Powder.

1. Dust all over hair.

It can be used to brighten up your hairstyle. Put a small amount of powder on your hair or makeup brush & go tapping it on your hair Only a small amount of shimmer powder is enough to enhance your hairdo. Please note that using it in excess can have negative effects on the results.

2. Sprinkle on wet nail paint.

All you have to do is apply it on your nails while the nail paint is semi-dry. Buffing in the powder into the polish, will give you a beautiful chrome finish and then drop some of the nail caviar on that nail paint and Wallah!

3. Mix with liquid eyeliner to get a lustrous effect.

With the help of an eyeliner brush, mix a pinch of the powder in your favorite liquid or gel liner and line your eyes just like to do giving a fun twist to the boring old liner. Please note to make sure not to wear the shimmer liner on your kohl line as shimmers can work like an irritant to the eye.

4. Mix with moisturizer to add some glam.

This works well if you are the no makeup type of a person and yet looking to add some Dewy and natural looking glow to the skin. Add one or two pinches to your regular moisturizer application that you do every day and see yourself subtly glow.

5. Pat on hands and legs as a body shimmer.

This is suggested before you hop into your party wear as it may get a bit messy. Take a big fluffy brush and lightly stipple the powder on your arms, legs, collarbones body for a pretty sun-kissed look.  be used before wearing your party dress. Some loose shiny powder can be sprinkled over the outfits. During winters this could be mixed with your fav body butter and applied all over.


6. Use it as a base before Eye Shadow.

Applying the powder before any other color will help bring out the rich intensity of color and also help it last longer.

7. Dab over lipstick/gloss and add to the luster.

Yes, this amazing product can literally turn your matte lipstick into glossy. After the regular application of your lipstick pat on some shimmer powder on the lipstick, the will not only add that extra oomph but also help your lipstick last longer. Needless to say, it can also be topped on top of your gloss!

8. Mix with the foundation to get a shimmery base.

To add sheen to your base a pinch of the powder mixed with your foundation can do wonders to the look.

9. Dust over mascara wand and get shimmery lashes.

Now, this is a fun trend and can be more used on the super special occasions. Dusting the powder equally on your loaded mascara want and help achieve these fun lashes style at home.

10. Add to your cream blush and get the glam cheeks.

Say hello to baby soft looking cheeks using this technique. Add a pinch of highlighter to your cream blush and apply to the apple of your cheeks moving in outward motion and complete the look with a big smile.

So go ahead, and get yourself this fine shimmer powder (if you don’t have one already), and give yourself a runtime experimenting these absolutely creative looks. For more makeup, beauty, tips and tricks follow us by on Instagram, Facebook or follow our blog.

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