5 Gorgeous Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for you gorgeous brides to be !


Choosing your wedding makeup is the hardest decision you’ll make after choosing the groom. Bridal Eye Makeup is all about the pursuit to see the true beauty of the bride. Additionally, bridal makeup involves plenty of components for various things such as foundation, contouring, lip color, and many others. Eye makeup can literally make or break the bridal look, so pick from one of these glamorous ways to look the most amazing bride you can be with the right eye makeup.

Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup


smoke-bridal-eye-makeupThese days, the Smokey bridal makeup is in vogue and mastering this technique in wearing the perfect Smokey eye makeup cannot be easy, especially for darker skin tones. But, the trick is -slowly add the eye shadow colors, but not too much on the first go. This eye makeup is suitable to complement almost any bridal attire.



Butterfly Bridal Eye Makeup


This is a bridal eye makeup that incorporates the hues of the bridal attire. The eyelid becomes the canvas where the professional makeup artist imbibes the colors of the eye-shadows to paint the space attractively and completing it with a winged-tip eye-liner.



Glittery Bridal Eye Makeup


mettalic-eye-makeupThis can look dashing in a bridal profile and is suitable for autumn bridal lehengas. Choose colors in traditional south Indian bridal silks in salmon and peach colors. When you opt for this makeup, winged tips can accentuate the eyes. Also, add mascara to the lashes to elevate the makeup.




Arabic Eye Makeup


This eye makeup looks beautiful and if done perfectly, then it can be carried off by anyone. The winged tip adds to a charming angelic look to make sure that no one takes their eyes off of the gorgeous bride.



Rosy Bridal Eye Makeup


rosy-bridal-eye-makeupThis eye makeup needs to be in sync with the rest of the facial makeup. This is a great ensemble for lighter skin colors, or when any bride is going for an overall soft color profile for the bridal profile.





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