Do’s & Dont’s for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day!

makeup-artist-delhiDo this and that, everyone gives their own piece of advice for your wedding. You should follow only those which superimpose with your needs and forget the rest. The preparation for the wedding gets started months before the wedding day. But what you do on your wedding day is most important part, your actions determine how your wedding day will unfold.

We have already discussed about mistakes to avoid on Wedding Day in one of our previous post. Today, I am highlighting some Do’s & Dont’s for Getting Ready on your Wedding Day.


1. Get a makeup consultation/ trials from your Makeup Artist before the wedding day. As it will give your Bridal Makeup Artist a chance to finalise your wedding makeup looks.

2. Provide a separate dedicated room for your Makeup Artist and their team. There should be no disturbance so the Makeup Artist can focus on doing the makeup.

3. Get two dupattas with your outfit, so the one on the head is super light.

bridal-makeup-artist-delhi4. Keep the jewellery ready which you have to wear with your Bridal dress check the locks of it.

5. Find a comfortable place to sit as you have to sit through a long makeup session.

6. Leave early for the wedding venue as there can be unexpected delays.

7. Do make a scheduled timeline for your wedding day, time management is important as you don’t wanna miss anything.


1. Don’t get your makeup done in a less bright and cramped room as it can affect your Makeup Artist work quality.  Avoid using a pillow a night before in other to prevent puffiness on your face.

2. Don’t take a hot water shower on your wedding day.

3. Don’t use a single Makeup Artist for your Makeup and your Family makeup. Hire additional MUA for your Family Makeup.


4. Don’t try new makeup products / skin care products a week before or on your wedding day as they could give allergic reactions.

5. Don’t drink water from a glass, instead use a straw to drink to avoid getting your lipstick ruined.

6. Don’t lie down after wearing your wedding dress, lines and creases will ruin your dress.

7. Don’t panic out if some things don’t go as planned. Try to rectify it as much as possible for better results.

8. Don’t wear uncomfortable footwear as weddings are long.

Sohni Juneja is a professional makeup artist extending bridal makeup services in Delhi and Dehradun. With over 10 years of experience in the industry she’s sure to channel your inner beauty and let that glow pop on your face. To keep updated with makeup and skincare updates, follow the Best makeup artist in Delhi / Best makeup artist in Dehradun Sohni Juneja on Insta and Facebook.

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