DRY SKIN ALERT !!! Top Beauty Tips To Handle Your Dry Skin Well

Tips-For-Dry-Skin1. Moisturize

Always use facial products made for dry skin. First, cleanse your face and then moisturize 5 to 10 minutes before applying cosmetic foundation.

2. Use A Fresh Foundation:

You must check the expiration dates of your foundation. Anything that is liquid shouldn’t be applied on dry skin, particularly in the winter. Go for a cream foundation in a stick, but don’t overuse. Remember, clean fingers are best for applying because brushes can damage your dry skin.

3. Use a scrubber

It will be compulsory if you have a dry skin to use a scrubber as dry skin have too much dead skin layers that can cause uneven skin tone. So, removing the dead skin will make your skin free from spots as well as will be smoother in texture. Sugar, olive oil and honey scrub will be best with people with dry skin.

4. Pass On Powder

You should avoid the powder makeup because it will absorb remaining moisture in your skin and making it appear dry. The powdered makeup is good for people with oily skin as these are good for absorbing extra oil.

5. Finger Use

Generally, fingers are used to mix the makeup for those who have moisturized skin, but this will be a blunder for individuals with dry skin, So, never use a finger to balance the makeup tone if you have dry skin tone. Instead, you can use a towel or other dry cotton to balance it.