Essentials For Your Bridal Emergency Kit!

A Bridal Emergency Kit is like first aid kit for the Bride which can handle any emergency from Makeup problems, loose buttons to a splitting headache during the wedding. Keep one emergency ready nearby or give it to your friend for keeping to use in an emergency.

To handle these emergencies properly, pack the following essentials for your bridal emergency kit.

Nappy Pins
Bridal-Emergency-KitThese little pins can help to hold dupatas, sarees etc if required.
Extra Earring Backs
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiKeep an extra earring back, as it can be lost easily in the wedding.
Hand Mirror
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiUsing a hand mirror, you can check your makeup condition and take action if needed.
Small Makeup kit
Bridal-Emergency-KitReady a small Makeup Kit for some makeup emergencies.
Double Sided Tape
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiFor a quick fix to join something, double sided tape can come in handy.
Makeup Remover
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiGet a good quality makeup remover to remove your wedding makeup and keep your skin healthy.
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiKeep a razor in your kit for shaving off those unwanted hairs.
Chocolate Energy Bar
Bridal-Emergency-KitChocolate Energy bar can be good for fast energy recovery when you have no time to eat.
Clear Nail Polish
bridal-makeup-artist-delhiA clear nail polish can be used in multiple ways like to waterproof something or to bind loose button threads and many more.
Energy Drink
makeup-artist-delhiPrepare a energy drink to keep energized and hydrated when you feel your energy is draining.
Anti Allergy Medicine
Bridal-Emergency-KitIf you have any type of allergy, prepare an anti allergy medicine in advance as it can come helpful.
Deo Spray
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiAn extra deo spray never hurts anyone, get an extra bottle of your favourite deo spray as you want to smell good on your wedding day.
Heel Protectors
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhi High heel protectors can create a stable base for your heels, which helps walking on grass or unstable ground. It is essential for outdoor weddings.
Small Sewing Kit
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiLost a important button from the wedding dress at last moment, these types of accidents happen, so keep a sewing kit ready for these emergencies.
Pair of flats
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiKeep a change of flats shoes to wear, it can come handy when your bridal shoes hurts or you want rest your feet.
Best-bridal-makeup-artist-delhiUse straws to drink water or drinks as it not ruins your lipstick.

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