Order to Apply Face Products


There is a order to everything in nature so things must be done in their order to achieve best results.This also applies when doing Makeup as there are many steps and products to use so an order to apply the makeup products is neccesary to give better beautiful and flawless look.

With all of the cleansers, serums, primer and more out there, your skincare routine can get seriously overwhelming. Figuring out the right order to apply your face products, so that they are the most effective. Below is the order in which the makeup products should be used. Follow these guidelines for glowing, healthy skin.

1.) Cleanser

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It removes the dead skin cells , oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin pores.

2.) Serum

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It penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin after cleansing your face.

3.) Moisturizer

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To prevent the skin from becoming too dry or oily.It is done after serum/treatments to hydrate skin cells and wrinkles.

4.) Primer:

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It is used to create a base for foundation which allows makeup to be smoother and last longs. It fill ups the pores,wrinkles and fine lines on the face creating smoother surface for foundation.

5.) Foundation:

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This is a major step in doing makeup as it is used to even out Skin tone , conceal blemishes or acne and give unifrom color to the complexion.Nobody like an uneven skin color as it diminshes the beauty.

6.) Concealer:

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A concealer is a corrector used for masking or concealing dark circles,age spots,pores and visible blemishes on the skin. Concealer is always used after the foundation.

7.) Powder:

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Powder is used on the face to set the foundation after application.it helps to deminsh the shine cause by oily skin.

8.) Bronzer:

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It is used add a natural and attractive glow to your face.You should prepare an even base using foundation and concealers for better results.It should be applied in consideration as applying more will make your skin orange.

9.) Blush:

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Blush is a cosmetic used to emphasize the cheekbones and add color to the cheeks so as to provide a beautiful appearance.

10.) Highlighter:

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Highlighter is used to stand out the cheekbones and other important areas of face to give a overall beautiful look.

Face Makeup products should be used in above mentioned order.Many of above face makeup products may not be part of your daily routine like serums, bronzer etc. But if you want to look your best on any main occasions or party, you should go with full order of products. As it will make your makeup last longer and give you a blended & flawless look.

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