Great Makeup Tips To Boost Your Beauty In Monsoon Season


Monsoon Season provides the soothing and calming effect to your body after experiencing the blazing sensation of sun-heat over your skin layer during the summer season. So, seasonal makeup tips are very significant to suite your skin type. Rain can melt your makeup over your face, so proper protection based makeup should be applied. If you want to avoid your make up washing away with water, then apply waterproof foundation is very important.

Sohni Juneja, a Stylis, and Makeup expert says “In the monsoon season, dense makeup runs the risk of blotching and getting washed out. So, it is recommended to go for light makeup with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Simply put away the eyeliner until winter because it has a tendency to run in the rains.”

Here Is Some Monsoon Make Up Tips:

  • Foundation

Don’t use too much foundation, particularly cream foundations. While attending a wedding reception or a party, heavy makeup is a necessity, but women are afraid of putting heavy makeup during the rainy season because it can wash away. During the Monsoon season, they must avoid the foundation that has a powdered base, and waterproof foundations are available in the market which you can apply during the rainy season as it will not wash away with the flow of water.

  • Astringent

Women with oily skin can use astringent even during the monsoon but, there are possibly some people who have dry to normal skin. So, the toner will be just right for them after washing the face with cool water. This removes all pollutants from the face.

  • Blush

You must use a powder blush as well as keep it natural. Remember, dusty pinks and peaches look amazing. Don’t use shimmer in this season.

  • Eye Make Up

Use powder eye shadows and shades of pink, lavender, brown, blue and champagne are good for the rainy season. Spend money on waterproof Kajal and Mascara in the monsoon season because they will save you from lots of awkwardness.

  • Lipstick

The lipstick is the one of the most important part of your make up. It is best to use oft matte lipstick in the monsoon. If you are hypnotized about glossy lipstick, then go for mild gloss.

Make up for day and night is very much the same. So, try to keep it natural. Yet, you can use pastels during the day while you can use deeper colors in the night. The same goes for your lipstick as well.

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