Hire A Expert Freelance Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

No one wants the stress of doing their own makeup on her wedding day. Applying makeup that will be photographed is completely different than applying makeup for everyday makeup. Freelance Makeup artists are trained and experienced in the science of color with makeup application, not only consider your skin tone, eye and hair color, but also the colors of your wedding dress and the kinds of light sources present when your photos are clicked. There are many other reasons, which prove why you should hire a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist, including:

Firstly- Photographs minimize your look to a 2-dimensional view so it takes training to shade, outline and highlights a face correctly. An expert makeup artist will not only know how to make you look amazing but also know how to do makeup for the camera.

Secondly- A makeup artist is able to highlight your best features as well as contouring any imperfections. In addition, they also know how to fix your eyebrows to best frame your eyes. Do you know that using a foundation with SPF can make you look like a ghost in flash photography (a flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help light up a scene)? If not, then you must consider leaving your wedding makeup to a pro.

Thirdly- Delicate highlights with contours can surely make all the difference to your makeup. Want a slimmer face, glowing skin or higher cheekbones? You just need a pro who knows what they are doing.

Fourthly- Experienced makeup artists perform the art of makeup every day and have worked on lots of different faces and apply various techniques and applications. If you haven’t studied proper makeup techniques, then you may not be getting the best result. So, hiring a makeup artist will allow you to look unblemished on your special day.

Lastly- Just because you have someone who knows how to do makeup doesn’t mean that she will do a great job. Probably she will have many things to do to get herself ready for that day, and your makeup can suffer if she is not able to focus on doing your makeup completely. But, a makeup artist makes it her job to ensure that the bride is the most unique and attractive face of the day.

If you are going to hire a professional makeup pro for your wedding day, make sure you shop around and select the artist whose style closely matches your own. Getting a makeup artist will definitely help you look and feel your best on the most unforgettable day of your life.

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