How To Do Your Makeup Like A Celebrity Makeup Artist

Whenever we look at celebrities, whether in movies or in real, we wonder how do they do it? Or how do they lead their busy lifestyle (both real and reel) and still find the time to make themselves look fab? The truth behind is that they don’t. As a matter of fact, most of the time when you look at a glossy picture of an attractively made up celebrity their make-up has been done by a professional makeup artist. But, you can re-create their tempting make-up at home yourself without having to spend on a pro.

Here Are Some Tricks:

Eye Makeup

Film-stars read movie scripts to decide whether they should do this movie or not, and we watch their movies on screens. In both cases, eyes get puffy with dark circles come out. So, apply your concealer low and on top of the cheeks, but not right under the eyes. Or, don’t try to cover your eye’s dark circle itself, but let the light reflect upwards, and this is a secret of many stars.


Keep Your Makeup In Place

Film stars do film shooting in different-different locations, perform in various shows, and we work. So, both celebrities and ordinary women work hours, so, eye shadow with the foundation need to stay put. The secret of celebrities is the primer that sets you up for makeup success. Also, it creates a beautiful canvas as well as provides longevity for the foundation. For this, you need to warm up a dime-sized amount and later massage it into the face. Keep in mind, cover your entire face with a neck to soften the visual aspect of your skin.

Glow Like A Star

Almost every actress poses for magazine articles, and ordinary women and girls are stars in family and friends photos. They all want to look beautiful and attractive in pictures. So, they need to focus on bringing the inner glow to the surface in order to get the desired look and beauty. Older actresses like Hema Malini, Rekha and many more use a cream instead of powder blush to brighten their cheeks, and the effect is vibrant and natural.

Provide Your Eyes Celebrity Look

Flim-stars and famous celebrities do makeup to look beautiful as well as to seduce their audience. However, ordinary women want to shine only. Our eyes are the window to our soul as well as they can communicate both passion and love. Film actresses who are above 50 years old often go for lush and thick mascara and avoid curling or lengthening formulas. Remember, a little glitter is just “ok” for women over 50.