Tips to Avoid Small/big goof ups on your Wedding day!



Here is what you SHOULD be doing to save yourself from those small/big goof ups on your wedding day!

Wedding day is one of the most important day’s in a brides life. Everything is expected to be on point especially the Makeup. Being the focus of the day (of course alongside the hubby to be; ) one aims to look their best. For which people mainly opt for Professional Makeup Artist, so MUA helps to enhance the features in the best possible manner with no fuss or hangups.

We have listed out a few points to keep in mind to help you prep your skin.

For and on your wedding day since these small errors could actually turn out to be bigger issues if not taken care of. Some important advices to prep your skin for the wedding day are highlighted below by Bridal Makeup Artist Sohni Juneja.

1. Avoid using any new product on the face

Prior to wedding day, Brides should avoid experimenting with any new makeup/ skincare products, as there could be some allergic reaction. You should go with the tried and tested skincare products/ regimes which suit you perfectly; it will save you of all the hassle.

2. Prep you skin for better makeup

Keep your skin makeup ready with an early prep by cleansing your face properly and applying all the skincare products. This saves time for makeup and helps in flawless application of makeup.






3. Go for a long lasting makeup look

Indian weddings can be lengthy with all the important functions and rituals. Amidst all of this, brides look at the makeup being on point even at the time of Vidai (well, who doesn’t want great pictures) . So alongside all the glamorous makeup, make sure you ask your mua for along lasting makeup, that lasts you the entire function.


4. Double check with your Makeup artist

Tell your Makeup artist about the makeup look you want, so he or she can prepare in advance. Double check with your Makeup artist for all the requirements necessary for the makeup session. Be in constant touch with your Mua since you don’t want any last minute emergencies on the wedding day.



5. Keep an emergency makeup kit ready.

Always keep an emergency makeup kit ready for the wedding day as there is never any harm playing safe. A compact powder with a small mirror & a lipstick can come handy for touch ups or your girlie washroom visits.

6. Be tension free on the wedding day.

You should be calm and tension free on your wedding day. It helps your Mua to work with you easily and bring out the best of you and them, and of course make the most of this getting ready process, it is more likely to be once in a life time experience.


Now go get Married Girl!

Sohni Juneja is a professional makeup artist extending bridal makeup services in delhi and dehradun. With over 10 years of experience in the industry she’s sure to channel your inner beauty and let that glow pop on your face. To keep updated with makeup and skincare updates, follow the best makeup artist in delhi / best makeup artist in dehradun Sohni Juneja on Insta and Facebook.