Mistakes all brides should avoid


Every Bride deserves to look fabulous and beautiful on her wedding day. But there are many problems that can come up at wedding day.Makeup Artists are the ones who are responsible for giving the bride her best look.They tackle every problem like pimples, marks,makeup looks, last minute changes or emotional breakdown.With the help of Internet, brides are aware of these wedding makeup problems.There are still some important points which every Makeup Artist want brides to pay emphasis on.


1. Booking MUA near wedding date.

Best MUAs are generally booked in advance like 5-6 months before wedding date. so if you wait for your wedding date then you have to go with less good MUAs which can destroy some of your expectations.

2. Skin Related Issues.

If you have some skin related issues like marks ,pimples, blemishes etc. It’s better to go to a dermatologist way before wedding day as makeup can conceal the pigmentation but cannot change the texture of your skin.


3.Using new products prior to wedding day.

Don’t start a new facial or skincare routine right before wedding as they can react or be allergic to your skin which can destroy your wedding looks. Go with your trusted skin care routine or if you wanna try new routine it should be 3-4 months before the wedding.


4. Don’t try different Mua’s.

Many Brides keep their Best Makeup Artist for their wedding day and use a different MUA for their other occasions due to budget or other reasons. Choose the same MUA for both your wedding day and other functions. It will help your MUA to get comfortable working with you before your wedding day.


5. Fixated on a particular reference look.

Nowadays Brides are well researched about the look they want on their wedding day. But sometimes it become impossible to get same look or texture as it may depend on different skin type. so Brides should trust their Makeup Artist who will do their best to make your day special.


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