Must have’s in a bride to be kit

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Every Bride hires the Best Makeup Artist for her wedding day to get a beautiful and flawless look. But we cannot use these expensive Mua’s for every day Makeup. So, every bride should be prepared with her own Makeup kit which can be used for regular days.

Here are some of the must-have makeup products for Bridal makeup kit:

products for Bridal makeup kit
For Makeup to last all day, a good base is needed. A Primer can help to create a smooth surface base and even skin which allows other products to set perfectly on the Skin. Having a good primer can help brides to get smooth even skin for applying further makeup.
products for Bridal makeup kit
Foundation is a must-have in a Bride’s Makeup Kit as it is applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion. It can also cover flaws and change the natural skin tone.
products for Bridal makeup kit
Brides can use concealer to hide dark circles, large pores, and small blemishes on the skin. It also solves the problem like acne breakouts which cannot be avoided.
Face Powder
products for Bridal makeup kit
Face powder is used to set a foundation after application. For Brides with oily skin, they should always use face powder as it minimizes shininess caused by oily skin.


products for Bridal makeup kit
Blush is used to get a natural flush on the cheeks, which makes the face look bright and attractive. Brides use blush to emphasize their cheekbones.
products for Bridal makeup kit
Eyeliner is used to define the eyes. It helps to highlight the eyes and make them more attractive. A quality eyeliner must be included in every bride’s Makeup kit.
Mascara is a must for brides who love long and full eyelashes. It can be used to make the eyelashes long, more vibrant and beautiful.
Makeup Sponge
Makeup Sponges are the lifeline for those who feel lazy to apply foundation with brushes. Brides can use a Makeup sponge for fast and easy coverage. It gives full face coverage and access to all hidden areas under eyes.
Every bride holds a collection of her favorite shade Lipsticks which goes with her look. Lipstick makes their lips look fuller and beautiful.
Lip Balm
products for Bridal makeup kit
Lips tend to get dry, so brides should have a good lip balm to keep their lips moisturized all day long.
Nail Polish
products for Bridal makeup kit
Nail polish is used for beautifying the nails. Wearing a matching Nail Polish with the makeup and clothes color which highlights them more.
BB Cream
products for Bridal makeup kit
Brides can’t always wear full fledge makeup every day. For these days, a BB cream can come useful as it is lightweight and covers all basic aspects.
products for Bridal makeup kit
Brushes are the tools used for applying various makeup products. Every makeup kit is incomplete without a good set of brushes. You should go for a quality makeup brush set that will save a lot of your time.
Bride’s hair should look beautiful and flawless. A wooden comb can be included in the Bride’s Makeup Kit for combing the beautiful hair.
Makeup Remover
products for Bridal makeup kit
Brides have to wear makeup all day long which can be taxing on their skin. A quality Makeup remover is a good choice to remove makeup before going to bed.


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