No Melt Makeup For Summer Weddings

new_bridal-summarA summer wedding means glowing brides, shining sun, blue skies and…Certainly, makeup meltdown. An outdoor wedding in summer risks a makeup meltdown, so we’ve provided with some great face-saving tips or techniques.


When selecting the foundation, choose only the water-based ones only, and cream-based foundations are a complete no-no, even if your skin is dry. If it’s oily, then hydrate your skin with an oil-free moisturizer. If your skin is too oily, just dab a small amount eye lotion under your eyes. But, before applying foundation first prepare your skin for it simply by applying an anti-shine product to keep the greasies at bay. But, you can skip the foundation if you have very good skin and use a spot concealer that will stay on longer. Powder your face with a brush after you’ve applied your liquid foundation.

Prepare your eyes with a primer

Your eyes are the focal point throughout the marriage ceremony. Runny eye makeup is one of the most common issues every bride faces during summer weddings. But, you don’t worry at all, just some liquid foundation on your eyelids or glide on an eye primer because it will reduce creasing and give a base for the eye shadow to cling to and assist it last through the party. You can also use a primer as it will intensify the pigment of the eye shadow and bringing out the color, making your eyes look more beautiful. Pressed powder eye shadows are best suited for the summer weddings as they are less expected to move and slide. Always choose a waterproof brand to keep your mascara from running in awkward black lines.


When picking a color for your lip, ensure that they add freshness and brightness to your bridal look. You can go for shades of pink and peach for all the day purposes, but the neon shades are absolutely in for the night events. Choose a color that best suits you and matches your wedding outfit. You can also dab a little gloss in the center of your lower lip and it will provide your lips a complete look.

Summer season is just the right time to get married outside, and every bride can look her best even in the glowing sunlight. Makeup tips provided above will keep you looking your best on your special day. It is advised that hire a makeup artist for your big day because a little mistake in your makeup can spoil your whole look. Take pleasure in the sunshine and your wedding knowing that you look beautiful and attractive.

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