Pre Bridal Skincare tips revealed By Makeup Artist Sohni Juneja



You should take monthly facial positively at least for 6 months before your wedding. Go for the facial once in a month, but if you don’t have that much time, then go for a bi-weekly gold facial.
Spa And Massage

Not necessary, but if you are a working woman, then you can make a spa visit along with a massage session monthly at a spa.
Soft Hands And Feet:

You can keep your hands and feet soft simply by massaging olive oil on them before going to sleep at night. During bathing, make sure to use a pumice stone on your feet because it will remove hard skin.

Proper Sleep

Sleep is very important for a bride to get rid of dark circles or baggy eyes. Get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day as it will add glow to your skin. Smoking and drinking should be avoided because they cause dryness.

Choose Right Soap

Do you know that when it comes to skin problems / issues, soaps can act like a villains? So, using the wrong soap can make your poor skin suffer. If you have a dry skin, choose a soap that has hydrating properties, go for a mild soap if have a normal skin should while carbolic soaps are best if you have an oily skin.

Use Sunscreen

Protect your skin from harmful UV & sun rays and early aging. Always use sunscreen on your face, neck, arms and back to avoid sun tan. Remember, a bride with perfect complexion wins her bridegroom’s heart in a flash.


If you have extra fat at your tummy, then you are not going to look your best at your wedding day. So, book a slim down session to shed those extra pounds for 2-4 month at a gym before your wedding.

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