Things to keep in Mind to Make your Makeup Sweat Proof!


Whether you are a bride or just attending someone’s wedding, the Indian summers aren’t really your makeup’s best friend. And to combat that listed under are some Summer Makeup Tips by Professional makeup artist- Sohni Juneja.

So get ready to make that makeup budge proof keeping these game-changing pointers in mind.

1. Use a Potent Primer


This product is used more like a layer of a skin care product between the makeup and your skin and is surely known to help makeup adhere better to your face and stay there all day long.
Alongside that it also helps to smoothen the fine lines, remove imperfections & fill in the pores on your face.

2. Use Matte Foundation


Nowadays Mostly everyone is a fan of Dewy skin, however during the summers using is Dewy foundation can leave your skin looking extra oily make sure to use a matte foundation instead of a Dewy one, and let the weather do the natural job of making that matte base Dewy.

3. Use Gel liners instead of Liquid Liners


One little rub on that humid eye and that liquid line is extinct. Make sure to use gel for a more long lasting smudge proof Eye makeup look.

If you want to know which eyeliners to choose, then read our blog on best eyeliners available in India.

4. Prefer a Water-proof Mascara


If there is a makeup product which can tie up an entire look together, that would have to be the ‘Mascara’. Make sure to Go for a waterproof mascara to prevent black sweat lines running down your face.

5. Use Matte Lip Shades instead of Glossy ones


Most matte lipstick go along the whole day long without really drying the lips. So, sticking to matte shades will surely save you a smudge, however if you are a glossy lip fan, dab a little powder highlighter on top of your matte lipstick and you are done.

6. Use Cheek stains for a Long Lasting Blush Effect


Powder blushes are a great option for the summer as they stay for longer in comparison to cream blushers, however to use a more potent option for your cheeks using a stain or tint is recommended. Various brands like benefit, The Body Shop, Tarte, Sephora, Hour Glass etc make these.

7. Say no to Strobing and Use Powder Highlighter


Highlighters! Don’t we all love it and like wearing loads and loads of it!  However, during the peak of summer one must avoid using strobing creams as they are known to cause additional Sweat in the area applied hence one must replace them with powdered highlighters.

8. Go Soft on the Eye Makeup!


To perfect your eyes for the summer season, opt for colors of the sun, bright and radiant colors and the way to go during the summers. Avoiding the wintery colors like dark green, royal blue etc is recommended. Livelier colors brighten up the face & bring a youthful glow to the skin.

Sohni Juneja is a professional makeup artist extending bridal makeup services in Delhi and Dehradun. With over 10 years of experience in the industry she’s sure to channel your inner beauty and let that glow pop on your face. To keep updated with makeup and skincare updates, follow the Best makeup artist in Delhi Sohni Juneja on Instagram and Facebook.

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