Top 3 Monsoon Makeup Tips For Busy Women

Monsoon Makeup Tips

All of us love rains for plenty of things, for example, romantic weather, greenery, the hot summer is over, to enjoy hot delicious food and many more. But, we hate one thing about rains that is when you have a day planned out, but it refuses to let up as well as you get bothered thinking about how to dress up or makeup in the wet weather. So, I am going to provide you top 3 experts-backed monsoon makeup tips on how to manage your makeup in the rains and look beautiful too.


It is a strict no-no for creamy foundations, particularly those with oily skins because these foundations will make your skin look oily. Also, making your face look fresh is extremely important and this can be achieved only when you remove extra oiliness. However, applying powder will take care of the greasy nature of your skin as well as make it look vivacious. If you have normal skin, then you can use some cream-based primer as an under-base for your makeup. Use concealer to hide spots or acne after a very thin layer of foundation, and later power it.

Eye Makeup

Now moving to your eyes, it is very important that you apply concealer followed by makeup powder on your eyelids. Use a nude eyeshadow once it has done as it will work best, but you can always go for hues of lavender, champagne, blue, brown or pink. Besides, always prefer waterproof eyeshadow to make your eye look large. Go for gold or double shades in the evening’s use as it adds much drama to your eyes. Also, use a white pencil for the deep contour under the eye to add a fresh, vibrant appearance to your eyes while using a waterproof eyeliner & mascara on the upper lid.

Lips Makeup

First, you need to clean your lips with a cleanser, and then apply petroleum jelly to soften your lip’s texture. Now, go for a waterproof pencil on the lips that draw the outline of it. Keep in mind that don’t go for dark browns or reds, but use a nude shade of lip gloss or baby pink gloss. Besides, you can also go for the monsoon-fit nude lipsticks, Jubilee, natural brown color and a tinge of natural pink.

Important tip:

Keep your brushes clean and store them in a dry place. Also, avoid sharing your lipsticks and brushes with others. Remove makeup before your sleep as it will clog your pores if you do not and lead to blackheads and breakouts.