Top 5 Bridal Beauty Rules Every Bride Must Know And Follow

When it comes to your big and special day of life that is your wedding, I have without any doubt that you’ll be curious about the beauty side of things. A little mistake can cause a bridal beauty disaster, so to help you avoid any possible makeup meltdowns, I am going to provide the top 5 makeup rules every bride must know and follow.

Enhance Your Best Feature

If your eyes are beautiful, then find the best eye look that makes your eyes look bigger and more gorgeous. In addition, if you have a tempting smile, then find the perfect lip treatment with color to emphasize them.

bridal make over

Eat Before The Wedding

Every bride wants to look beautiful and thin in their wedding outfit, but you need to eat before the wedding. This is because naturally you will lose a few pounds due to wedding stress, and you might crash on your big day because of low blood sugar. Therefore, you need to make sure you drink tons of water throughout the day and don’t skip any meals. We know that the day is very busy, but you need to eat.

Don’t Over Accessorize

You should go for only one featured accessory and then make all other accessories modern and simple. For example, if you have an impressive necklace you want to feature, then keep your other items like a bracelet, earrings, and headpiece simple.

don't over accessorize

Be yourself

Choose makeup and make-up artist who lets you to feel your best. For example, if you love the natural makeup look, go for the minimal look while if you love a red lip, then rock it. Keep in mind that the best beauty rule to follow is to go for what makes you feel your special and comfortable too.

Get A Veil That Works With Your Face

Get A Veil That Works With Your Face

The veil must work well with your face shape and with your hairstyle. For example, if you have a round face, choose a narrow veil with a smaller hairstyle. If you have a longer face, choose a veil that is wider. Don’t try any new beauty treatment before the wedding as it can cause a bridal beauty disaster.