Some Top Bridal Make Up Trends For 2018



Are you confused on what wedding makeup you should choose for the big day? Do not worry at all! We asked same things to Sohni Juneja who is a professional makeup artist based in Delhi and specializes in bridal make up, so get ready to go with what you want when the big day comes. We asked Sohni for her bridal beauty trend predictions for 2018 and bridal make up looks that never go out of style. Here is what she said:

Sohni Juneja said, “Her mission is always to create a clean, flattering and elegant makeup look and thinks her knowledge and understanding of the skin keeps her make up work looking fresh and photogenic. “ Some of the key trends for bridal makeup and beauty for 2018:



1. The classic lip replaced by vibrant lip colors, from bright reds to a whole world of pinks. Getting the right shade of pink can boost your skin tone. Remember, if you are considering a strong lip for your wedding day, then the right shade of pink will always feel fresh and modern matched with glowing skin.




2. Another hot trend for bridal make up in 2018 is Smokey Eyes as they are so versatile. The key to wearing a Smokey eye for your wedding day is to opt for any color other than black color.





3. Fresh and glowing skin. For brides, Sohni Juneja recommends a pairing of natural and bold, go for skin that’s fresh and glow paired with strong lips and bold eyes.






4. Less defined Brows. Naturally groomed and softer brows are on trend for brides in 2018. Women’s are choosing for simpler brow maintenance rather than more intense HD brow treatments. Threading is more and more popular with brides as it leaves a cleaner finish and won’t pull that delicate skin around your brow area, unlike traditional waxing.





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