Top Summer Makeup Secrets That You Must Know

1. The first ritual before we get the makeup wand going is cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin, this improves the ph level of the skin and prepares it for perfect makeup application.

2. Use a primer, this works as a protection between the makeup and your skin and also helps In smoother application and helps the makeup stay longer.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

3. If you plan to go heavy on your eyes, always do up your eyes first before the rest of the face, it will prevent from any eyeshadow fallout happening on your all done base.

4. Choose the correct shade of foundation by checking the color on your face and not the hands, the correct shade we completely blend into your skin apply the foundation in downward strokes with a brush or your fingers.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

5. Areas around the eyes or the mouth area in India skin could need some extra concealing, match a shade to these areas (normally a shade or two darker than your foundation)

6. Set the base with a face powder, this is a very important step as it makes the makeup stay, always use dabbing movement while using the powder.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

7. Now comes the time to add on some colors, and summer days could really call for some subtleness on the eyes. Use any light Matt eyeshadow shade for the day, and nights could go completely smokey.

To perfect the eyeshadow shape makeup an inverted V on the outer corner of the eye a little darker than the rest of your shadow and blend.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

8. Curl your lashes, after through some Warm heat with your hair dryer over your lash curler, and gently coat with mascara in a zig-zag motion.

9. You could either tightline (drawing a thin line closest to your eyelid) your eyes or do a nice winged liner keeping your guideline direction of the wing the end of your eye down.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

10. next, prime your lips with a lip primer and follow with a lip liner of color that works well with your outfit, Fill the lips up with some lipstick, dab with a tissue and use another coat of lipstick. Again, keeping it light and subtle during the day is recommended, and nights can go fierce.

Another makeup rule we love to apply is being loud only on the lips or the eye, at a given point of time.

Top Summer Makeup Secrets

11. Add some blush to the apple of your cheeks if you have young skin or the entire cheekbone if you have mature skin.

12. Pat some highlighter on the uppermost part of your cheek, in a shaping manner. The same has to be patted on the center of your forehead, bridge of your nose, center of upper lip and center of a chin and blend well.

13. Finish your makeup with a finishing spray or a makeup setting spray, these are readily available with all high and makeup brand. Keep about 20 cm away from face and spray. This gives a very fresh and dewy finish, perfect for the summer. of your forehead, bridge of your nose, a center of upper lip and center of a chin and blend well.

For more effective beauty tips, just stay tuned with the informative and interesting blogs of Sohni Juneja, who is a well-known best makeup artist of India.